You want embarrassing? You got it.

Saturday, January 7

I was rushing for the train. It was the first time I finished work this early, and there was three minutes till my train leaves. Three minutes. I zap my ticket, and down the escalator I go. After going down one escalator, I had another one to go, straight in front of me. So I got onto that one. Then I realised, 'Hey.. there's no one in front me.' It took me actually two seconds to realise that the reason why there was no one on the escalator was because the escalator was going up, not down. Aware that I had two platforms worth of watchful eyes, I remember actually considering going down the up escalator {like I did when I was kid}, but decided against it and quickly switched to the down escalator on the opposite.

Highly embarrassed, I was met with a guy who was also getting on the escalator {the right one}, who turned around and said assuringly with a smile, "it's okay, it happens to all of us." He laughed, I laughed. And while that was comforting, it didn't help the state of my embarrassment at the time. Or the whole train ride home. Or now, but somehow, I'm smiling. Oh alright, I'm half biting my lip while smiling, but hey, that's life, and it throws funny things at you sometimes.