Night Safari

Monday, March 26

The Night Safari was an absolute blast. What’s a night safari, you ask? At first I didn’t have a clue myself either. The night safari is a nocturnal zoo where you get on a tram and go around in the woods seeing animals up close in their natural habitats without any barriers between you and said animals. Yes, you hear me, without any barriers. And by animals, I mean tigers, lions, rhinos and hippos, elephants and giraffes. It was just incredible to get so close to these animals. Half the time I was thinking, ‘hey there tiger, I’m probably food to you’ and the other half, I thought, ‘wow, this is just amazing’.

Apart from the night safari, you get to immerse yourself in a wonderful animal show and the fire show. These shows, along with the night safari, run back to back the whole night, so you can alternate any way you want. The folks who do the fire show are the definition of crazy, because they make spitting fire out of your mouths so darn easy and au la natural, not to mention a tad impressive. The optimistic part of myself said, ‘gosh darn, that must be pretty bad for their health’, but the less optimistic part of myself screamed, ‘KEEP GOING.’

No doubt, one of the best experiences I’ve had here in Singapore.