The little things

Thursday, May 10

It's Autumn, my favourite time of the year. I remember when I was younger, I used to love jumping on the leaves and hearing the crunch of the leaves. Boy, it was a blissful sound to childhood, it really was. Nowadays I just love looking up at the maple trees and watching the leaves fall, one by one. It's beautiful.

At the moment, life to me, is really about rejoicing about the little things. Skyping with loved ones. Not getting sick, while many are getting colds around this time of the year. The fact that I have now got myself a five-year-old hula hooping instructor. Warm showers on cold days. Morning sun on warmer days. When the eleven year old boy whom you've known since he was six tells you he really misses you. Which warms your heart, and your soul and every part of you.

As little as they are, the little things make up this thing called life.
And I hear life is pretty big.