These days

Thursday, December 6

Summer is finally here! I say that, but it actually takes weeks into the season before it actually feels like summer. We'd get a 32°C day, and before you know it, it'll go right down to 18°C the next day! No complaints here though, I'm grateful that we're getting to the warmer months even though I do love the cooler seasons. Watching the sun set during the train home is certainly a lovely and refreshing change from the dark train rides home I've grown so used to. Yay for later sunsets! Sometimes it's really the little things like that makes your day that much better.

I went to see a couple of movies recently; 'Skyfall', 'Argo' and 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. Skyfall was simply brilliant and Argo was really moving and had my stomach in knots to the very end. Perks really resonated with me and lingered in mind even days after watching it. I loved the message everyone could take away from the story: the beautiful and graspable notion of acceptance through the experience of finding ourselves and who we truly are, and most of all, being comfortable in your own skin. I was yet again reminded of the impact movies can have on us.

It's nearly the end to 2012 and usually around this time of the year, I'd start reflecting upon the year or start thinking about new year's resolutions, but this time around, I'm just taking it one day at a time. And it's nice.


Milynn {Love + Whimsy} said...

lovely photos! those three movies are on my list to go see. So glad to hear Perks was good, a lot of my friends were hesitant to go, but I think sounds like a good storyline :)

Marlen said...

So many movies! I went to go see Skyfall too and that it was amazing. I loved absolutely everything about it- but my dad was whining about the lack of babes and a gadgets haha. You're so lucky it's summer where you live, I'm not loving the cold over here in Chicago :(

Jane said...

lovely collection of photos! i thought for a second.. wait it's summer? and then i saw that you were in melbourne!

his little lady said...

It's crazy how you are starting up summer right now. I'm kind of jealous. Wishing for one day of sunshine right about now. Great pictures as always ;)
xo TJ