Never let me forget

Tuesday, April 2

For the past week here in Malaysia, I've had moments that I wanted to freeze. Store away. Remember forever. Moments that just flew by, but I wanted to remember and experience the same feelings I felt during those specific moments. I've always had this kind of thing going on since I was a child, just snapshots of life I wanted to carry with me always. I would think to myself, I need to freeze this. This exact moment. I need to remember this.

The first time I ever did this, I was seven years old. My granddad and I were washing the car, and out of no where he swung the hose at me, on full blast, for what felt like a good twenty seconds. This was of course followed by my grandmother telling both of us off. Completely drenched, I remember thinking, I need to remember this. I wanted to remember the tickling feeling of happiness mixed in with the satisfaction that we both got told off.

And now, more than ten years later, I'm still doing it. Here are some moments that I want to keep deep within me, forever. These moments kinda give you a forever feeling that's unmatched.

When we browse shoes at the women's section and my sweet nine year old cousin tries on every shoe he can get his feet on. And lemme just say, that boy can rock them wedges. I want to keep this memory forever deep within me so I can embarrass him in front of all his girlfriends with this story when he gets older, ha. Yes, I'll be that family member ;)

Going to the hairdressers with my mum and gran, my two favourite ladies in the world. Also the world's least patient people in the world, and seeing them sitting completely still while they get their hair done was just gold.

Making my aunt laugh so hard she had to pull over.

My grandparents carrying on the usual, everyday conversation in the kitchen. Nothing special to someone else, but to me it meant the world somehow. I love them so much, and seeing them together like that makes me happy. I want to remember their love and how lucky I am to be part of this love.

The fact that the sweet little cousin always says 'I want to sit with Michelle Jie Jie!' (Chinese for 'older sister'), before dinner without fail. I hope he never stops saying that.

When my grandma insists on drying my hair after shower, thinking that I won't do a good enough job and get sick, the exact same concern she had ten years ago, when I was 8. It's sort of all kinds of endearing.


Jane said...

Your pictures and stories are priceless. Very beautiful~!

Alice said...

I love getting those moments you never want to forget - lucky for you, you have a way with the camera that is really something! Beautiful pictures, as ever. x