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Thursday, August 1

Life is always moving, and we're always moving - people to see, deadlines to meet, places to be. And sometimes, amidst all that, we forget to slow down. We forget the value of stillness. And just live, and just breathe.

Setting off to adventure the botanic gardens with a good buddy of mine the other day - that's exactly what we did. It was a mighty cold day I'll say, but a sunny one at it too. I hadn't been to the royal botanic gardens since I was twelve. Shocking, I know. Better late than never right? Stopping dead in our tracks to locate the tweeting birds within the surrounding flocks of trees, lying on the soft grass with a full view of the blue blue sky - sometimes it really is the small things in life.

We talked about our plans after school, chuckled over our unrealised quirks, our futures; his to pursue law and engineering, and mine still an undecided path of maybe this, maybe that. Topped the day off with my first ever vietnamese coffee, the first of many to come I'm sure, knowing me and my love for caffeine. But that's another story, of course.


The Indie said...

Your photos are amazing. And I love your first paragraph in this post. Slowing down is so important, especially in a society where we're like go, go, go, go, go. Every now and then, slow is great, slow is beautiful. Thanks for this :)

The Indie Byline

Jane said...

so so true. live the moment. breath and slow down. great advice :) have a lovely weekend~