Fly birdie fly

Saturday, March 24

"If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?"

For me, it's always been a bird. Perhaps on spontaneous days, I might go for something like a meerkat, but it's always been a little birdie. Why? I've always been a bit envious of the fact that they can fly, and the freedom that comes with it. And you know, you don't have to go saving lives like Clark Kent, which is pretty sweet.

Went to the Jurong Bird Park today, and it was quite the experience. I loved that many of them had so much room to fly in, and it was just really refreshing to be amongst nature. You know what's the best thing though? Going with your eight year old cousin, who points in all directions and exclaim in fascination every time he sees or hears something. His eyes light up and his mouth grows into a wide smile, nudging those around him to look.

In a world where many of us have grown to be fascinated at something once and not be entranced by it the second time, it's really quite profound to have a new set of eyes with you, like the eyes of an eight year old.