Sunday morning

Monday, June 25

This was sunday morning, the morning where I woke up at 6.30 after working for seven hour and half hours the day before, before rushing home to get to a friend's 18th. It would've been nice to have slept in, but I had to get up early, and sometimes all that is needed is coffee, a fresh sub {which is as delicious as it looks!} and some good tunes pumpin'.

Saturday night was no exception. I had a great time, regardless of how tired I was. Caught up with an old friend from primary school who I haven't seen for years at the party, which was just really lovely. Realised that some people never really change, in a good way, and that was her. She was just as nice as she was when I first met her, just as lovely and just as gorgeous. It felt completely unreal to have that sort of familiarity. Even though a lot had in fact changed and we had grown, it felt as though we were right where we left off years ago. It was strange, but that was kind of how I felt.