At the snow

Friday, July 13

On Monday, we took a day trip up to Mount Buller. It doesn't snow down here in Australia, but we are lucky to have places like Mount Buller where there's snow. It was a great joy to watch children ski and have fun, first timers' eyes light up as they see snow for the first time, as well as the grown ups on toboggans. I'm kind of in love with the jumpsuits the kids were sporting - maybe I should get one hey? Just joking, I'm sure they rock it better than I would.

It was a lovely, lovely day out. There was something about the snow that was just refreshing. And the fact that I haven't been up there for years. Definitely heading back next year, I'm sure of it.


Haddock said...

Nice colourful pictures and good to see the kids enjoying.
Those who don't have regular snow (like us) this must be novelty.