Unexpected happy

Friday, August 10

Celebrated a friend's birthday recently, and it was an afternoon filled with great laughs and what I call a good time. After enjoying our meals, a few of us went to the chess table for a little duel {I observed, let's just say chess is not my forte}. Not long after three kids came and joined us. At first I thought they were siblings of one of our friends, but as it turned out, they weren't. It amazed me that eventhough we were complete strangers, they had approached us, and we got along so darn well. They were just the loveliest children, and knew chess better than any of us. They were the kind of children I would have been lucky to have as friends when I was a child, and would want my {future} children to be friends with.

Safe to say, after more than an hour of hanging out together, we were practically inseparable.


amykelly said...

Oh my, Michelle... did you notice a Steven-Ma look-alike in the background??? Hehehehe..