Back in the day

Thursday, December 20

{Just noticed it's 20122012 today - a pretty neat date, no?}

One of the perks of working in travel is being given the opportunity to visit different places when scouting for new destinations to add to our tours. Being an avid photographer, too, I was invited to do some photography work for the company. After finishing our visits in Ballarat, we went straight to Sovereign Hill for lunch, an open museum of the early diggings area here in Victoria. Many of the workers there are volunteers, who dress up and put on shows, schoolkids attend camp there and learn how to act like 'gentlemen' and 'ladies'.

The thing about famous tourist attractions like Sovereign Hill is that being locals, we don't visit them often enough. I mean, the last time I was there, I was 9! Crazy, right? I love all things reminiscent of the old times, and walking through Sovereign Hill really gave me that. Local me kicked myself for not visiting during all these years.


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Great photographs! That's a pretty neat date today too. You ready for the end of the world tomorrow?!
Duncan In Kuantan

Jane said...

What a great place. I love period places. It reminds me of Williamsburg which is a bit far from where I am but close enough for a weekend trip. Lovely photos~~ I love how you capture moments!

Ms George {Life at the Coop} said...

I've been there so many times over the years! Even went for our grade 4 camp and had to attend school in period costume. A guy I went to uni with just proposed to his girlfriend- they met as actors at Sovereign Hill. Cute!