the paper kites

Friday, January 18

Went to see The Paper Kites, who played a free live show for us at Fedsquare! The weather was bordering 40°C, and it felt as though summer has been saving up heat the past couple of weeks for this one grand day of just hoooooot. To which I thank the nearby seven eleven for your cold glorious slushies, your goodness will not be forgotten. It was a great day out despite the heat, the Paper Kites played an amazing show, as well as the opening act, Vance Joy. And after all, nothing beats catching up with friends over a good laugh or two and winding down to some good, heartful music.

The Paper Kites by mickathryn on Grooveshark


Liz said...

I love outdoor music. I went to see Third Eye Blind this summer and in the evening it was about 40 C. I thought I was going to die from a heatstroke in the crowd, but it was still ridiculously fun. Hope the weather cools down for you soon ^__^

Ms George said...

I love the atmosphere in Melbourne while the tennis is on. So many happy people doing happy things!

Marlen said...

oh goddd, this post made me miss summer so bad! i remember sitting on grass in dresses and watching my favorite bands live. lucky girl!

xo Marlen
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Brittany LeSueur said...

This looks way too fun! I haven't been to a concert in so long! jealous!

Michelle said...

The weather here is getting warm, too! I prefer it this way instead of the blistering cold.

Your pictures are all so beautifully captures! What camera and lens do you use, if you don't mind me asking? Love them!

*now your newest follower via greader. :)

his little lady said...

Oh wow, I've never heard of them before and I already love it! Finding them on Spotify right now! Great pictures girl ;)
xo TJ