Back from paradise

Sunday, January 27

Just got back from Cairns! Now, I'm convinced that if any place can steal your heart at any point in time, it's Cairns.

Many of you will have heard of Cairns as the home to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef (and now home to my heart, apparently). And boy, is it beautiful. Not just the gorgeous fish and corals, but also the rainforests, the wildlife, the secluded beaches... it really is a world of its own. And a colourful, serene, grounded world at that. Cairns is the kind of place that leaves you repeatedly saying, "let's just not go anywhere today. let's just stay right here."

And let's be honest... stayed, I would have happily done so.


Alice said...

I love North Queensland. Port Douglas is one of my favourite places to holiday in Australia - even if the heat is, at times, unbearable!

Jo said...

I happened to come to your blog from Jane's and I LOVE your pictures. I have never heard of Caims before, but you've just introduced a new beautiful place to me, THANK YOU!

Looking at your blog has also reminded me how long it has been since I took out my camera to take decent photos. So lovely <3


Jane said...

Great pictures! Love the little kangaroo! So cute :)

MyCrushCouture said...

Love your blog so much, new follower :) great photos!

- eco bird by danii - said...

Great pics! Looks so beautiful there! xx

his little lady said...

Oh gosh, these pictures are a dream!!! Look at that little kangaroo! Or is it a wallaby? Either way, this place is certainly paradise! So jealous ;)
xo TJ