a recount of a truly wonderful, magical day

Tuesday, May 21

I got on the train and slid into a seat different from where I usually sit - I know, I'm just sooooo spontaneous. The morning light shone softly through the lightly tinted windows, and I smiled. I love the sun. About a few stations in, I quickly realised that the train today was like no other Sundays - it was jam packed with people. But I didn't mind. Sitting a few seats in front of me was a small family, who was having a good chat and laughing along with each other. I thought, 'How wonderful it is to be able to see... to be able to see people laugh, to see people smile. What a gift it is'.

When I got into the city, instead of the taking the tram, I decided to walk to work instead. I know, again, I'm just that spontaneous sometimes. Within seconds at my first set of my lights, these two lovebirds (pictured above) appeared in front of me. They were walking ever so slowly, laughing heartily and speaking in soft whispers. I adored old love, and seeing these two just made my heart flutter with all kinds of warmth, for it was just the most beautiful, endearing sight.

A few minutes later, I see an old man sitting on the steps of a shop on his pusher; he looked cold and poor. Unfortunately, I see many people like him in the city, and was about to walk past him, when I heard a voice ask, 'spare any change?' Normally I would say no, but this morning I stopped, and took the only note I had in my wallet and gave it to him... hoping that it would make him less miserable, even for a short while. He asked me about my plans for the day, we talked a little and it was good to see a little smile on his face.

I love days like this, where through little, simple snippets of happy in the worlds of others make me feel an infinte amount of gratitude, blessed to be here and part of this world.


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

That's why walking is so good. We slow down and see things we would have completely missed otherwise!

Duncan In Kuantan

Jane said...

it's always great to enjoy the small details of our surroundings. and i love old love. makes me all warm inside..!

Haddock said...

Like Duncan said, one gets to see and experience such things when one is walking.
You have made your day by giving the only thing you had with you. And you have made my day with that lovely B&W picture.