Never quite forgotten

Saturday, May 11

After getting home from a long day, I changed into my favourite skirt, slipped on a pair of sandals and out the door I went. It was nearly five, almost sunset time, and I relished in that. Oh, how the golden maple leaves crunched softly with every step I took. How the gentle sky filled with soft hues of purple, pink and orange held the promise of a calm, quiet night ahead, while a cool autumn breeze ruffled my skirt a little and made me feel weightless - as if that was a true possibility.

It made me realise how much I had missed exploring this neighbourhood o' mine. I noticed houses I never thought existed, looked up and gazed at the sky every now and then, and just really appreciate this beautiful world we live in. Where flowers bloom and leaves rustle, leaving sounds to the ears that are quite unmatched and never quite forgotten.


Jane said...

My husband and I want to do this more too. We don't venture out much after work and dinner. But the day gets darker later and the weather is gorgeous.. so we hope to go out for walks more to look around our little neighborhood! :)