thanks, ten-year-old me

Saturday, October 5

Something a lot of people probably don't know about me is that I was in the choir when I was in primary school. We'd get together for after school practices, perform Christmas carols at the local shopping centre, go to a studio to record songs for our latest play. I mean, life does not get better than that. It was the raddest, truly.

My first musical (like many firsts) was the best, man. It was called You Can Do It! and its theme song was called - yes, you guessed it - YCDI (cause short forming stuff never goes out of style). Sure enough, the chorus has been playing over and over in my head lately in all its kiddy voice goodness. It goes, 'YCDI, YCDI, (but more like, Waaaaaaaaaaaai, cee dee aaaaaaaaai) you can do it, you can do it, you can do it if you really try.'

And it's no coincidence that my finals are in less than a month. But if you actually followed me, you wouldn't even think it. I haven't been so relaxed in my life, which is codephrase for I can't be bothered. I was talking to a friend last night, and I mentioned that I just felt like throwing the towel in. It wasn't anger, defeat, but just the honest truth. I guess this whole year has just been tiring, angsty with the non-stop stress that is final year, among other things that have happened this year that were just beyond my control. And I know (and hope) I'm not alone in this. Many others are feeling the same way.

But of course, my ten-year-old self has come and haunted me with her infectious positivity and hit me with her 'You can do it if you really try!' jibe. Now, there is about 91349692782065238 ideas that my ten-year-old self had in store for my current self that I would neeeeeeeeever try, but this one's a good one. I can do this. I've got this.

(Oh, and if this was a game, my motivation bar has just +1000000000.)


Jane said...

awww~~ hang in there! i bet you really can do it!

Sharon C said...

love this! :D