future vlogger, yo

Friday, November 1

You know what's really weird? Watching yourself on video. See above! I had some free time on my hands the other day, and thought I'd show the new place to some family of mine through video... and yes, that would be me cooking my lunch - this is the kind of stuff that only family strictly will appreciate, you guys. But you know what? Instead of sending it straight to the recycle bin when I got around to watching it, I thought to myself, 'nah, keep it'. It's funny but also kind of awesome to watch yourself on video. It's like, that's me, wow. Some people have actually told me that I should vlog, and I do the awkward laugh and I'm like, 'hahahahahahahahahahaha have you seen me talk lately?'


Jane said...

glad you kept it. i find it so awkward to see myself on video AND audio. oh how i would cringe! and laugh. :)

Jessica said...

I vlog from time to time but when I first did it for the first time, ugh, couldn't stand the way I talked, the way I looked and it was just horrible! I know I'm an awkward person but I didn't think it was THAT awkward. But I'm glad to continue and hope you start vlogging too!