I finally joined the club

Monday, November 18

What club, you ask? Well, for a while now, I've been feeling all kinds of left out. For the past week, my facebook feed was swarmed with one status after another, reading along the lines of 'oh my gooosh I'm done with exams!!!' or 'officially done with school! yay!' In my head played the sound of hundreds of party blowers going off all at the same time, which grew louder and louder as I scrolled further and further down my feed. Ha. You see, while (pretty much) everyone else was done with school, I wasn't done just yet... as fate would have it, I still had another one left to go.

But today! Today, I officially joined the club of 'I am done done doooone forever and ever and ever with school!'. Insert evil chuckles here. And relief, oh gosh relief.

It's a funny feeling, weird, but at the same time so darn freeing, you know? I feel like even though my whole schooling life had prepared me for my exams, it hadn't prepared me for this. This freeing feeling that is unlike anything I've felt before. Not complaining though! I'm stoked for this next chapter of my life, carrying on what I've learned so far and using that to fuel and curate fresh, new experiences.


Jane said...

yay. congratulations! best wishes in the next chapter of your life!

Court | love court xoxo said...

How exciting!! Congrats on finishing school..forever. I have a couple more years before I am, so I don't know how you are feeling, but I have a feeling it's pretty awesome. Definitely worth celebrating!!

Brittany LeSueur said...

YAAAY!!! Congrats!!! It is such an accomplishment. Im slightly envious!!!! and seriously, such a bright future ahead!