let's climb mountains

Tuesday, November 12

These were taken on our day trip up to the Grampians, and it was just one of those trips that somehow encapsulated my year. Climbing mountains. I've spent the past year climbing a mountain that I did not know the path to, uncertain as to whether I'll ever make it to the top, or make it at all. It was kind of like bringing a pair of seven inch stilettos to hike. I was unprepared, unaided, inexperienced. But like many things, it was the path itself that was important. With every step of growing confusion, I also found a small sense of clarity. Little did I know then, it was growth.

Making it to the top of the mountain, is perhaps, merely a bonus, and something I didn't put much emphasis on from the beginning anyway.


Jane said...

wow. i love that "with every step of growing confusion, i also found a small sense of clarity." prefect description! and that waterfall shot is pretty!

Jo-Ann said...

beautiful photos! they look so serene.