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Thursday, December 19

A big thank you to the lovely lovely Jane for tagging me as a Sunshine Blogger! It's honestly one of the grandest compliments I've ever received, as the sunshine is one of my favourite, favourite things in the world. Here's how it works: stating five random facts, answering five questions, tagging five bloggers and asking five questions of my own.

You ready? Okay, let's go!


01 // When I was five, I had my life all mapped out. "What do you want to do when you grow up?" was always eagerly replied with "A construction worker! I wanna dig into the ground and work bulldozers all day and everyday!" I'm pretty sure my parents weren't sure what to do with me, ha. I was so insistent, they worried it wasn't just another phase.

02 // Roadtripping is hands down my favourite thing to do.

03 // While many people grew up with their parents, I lived with my grandparents for the first ten years of my life. Needless to say, we share the closest bond and I still call them every night for a chat. You know when you meet older people and you think, "man, I hope I'll be half as cool as they are when I get old". My grandparents are the epitome of that. They are so, darn, cool.

04 // I'm only afraid of two things in the world: showerheads and dolls. As a child, my (so-called) friends thought it was hilaaaarious to freak me out with dolls every so often. I was not amused, and often thought of withdrawing my friendship with them. ;)

05 // When I discover a good song that I love, I often listen to it on repeat, over and over until I become somewhat sick of it. This sometimes lasts for about two weeks.


01 // where is your happy place?
I'm at my happy place whenever I call my grandparents. Even on a bad day, their voices sooth my soul and evaporate my worries instantly, even for just a while.

02 // how do you unwind from a stressful day?
Going for a walk, because sometimes all it takes is a bit of fresh air, the gentle swishes of the leaves, blossoming flowers, to remind me that a bad day doesn't make a bad life. If it gets real bad, I actually nap for a while, and often wake up feeling a lot better.

03 // what is the one act of kindness that you still remember to this day?
Earlier this year, I was going through a really rough patch. It had been a few weeks into it, and a classmate of mine noticed this. He said to me one day, "you don't look good." Confused, unaware, "yeah?" was my response. He continued on to say, "oh, I just noticed you haven't been smiling much lately." I was taken aback, because I remembered he had randomly told me before that I'm always smiling whenever he sees me, and that it looks nice. We weren't exactly close, but yet he managed to notice these little things about myself I didn't even see in myself before.

And just before he left, he said swiftly with a soft smile, "just be happy." Such simple words, and yet, they've remained etched in my mind ever since. Whenever I was going through a hard time, I'd hear his voice echoing the words, "Just be happy." Even in the toughest of times, hearing these words have comforted me.

04 // what is a cause that is near and dear to you? and why?
Recently I volunteered as a community visitor at an aged care. As a community visitor, I visit an elderly every fortnight to just have a chat with them. Being at an aged care can be so eerily lonely, often with not many people to talk to. Although these elderly people are physically weaker, I have found that many of them are still very much alive mentally and can run laps around you when chatting with them! The older generation has so much to offer and teach us, that I often feel so grateful that my elderly would take some of her time out to talk to me, rather than the other way around.

05 // share one tip or advice on anything - life, school, work, on living a happy life, etc. 
One thing I've learned this year is that there are some things in life that are beyond our control. Indeed, it's almost instinctive for us to want to make things better, fix things. When we can't, life feels like a failure and we compensate by worrying endlessly... which doesn't fix anything, as we all know. I've learned that sometimes we just have to let go and accept that there are things in life that happen to us that we have no control over. Not everything in life falls into place, and it's not our job to make sure they do.


Thank you for reading! I'm passing on the sunshine and tagging the following blogs that I currently adore -- love court, brittany's notebook, his little lady, sweet dreamer and what anita said.

my questions to you bloggers --
01 // what do you love most about yourself?
02 // if you could travel anywhere right now for free, where would you go and why?
03 // what is a piece of advice someone's given you that you'd pass onto your kids?
04 // what were you like as a child?
05 // 2014 is just around the corner. what do you most look forward to in the new year?


Jane said...

loved reading about you! i'm the same way with songs i love. repeat maniac here. :) thanks for taking the time out to answer the questions!

Court said...

Gosh, I'm right there with you with the walk. A walk solves anything and everything for me. And eekk! Thanks for tagging me!! I'm beyond flattered :)