lucky girl

Thursday, January 16

Someone recently said to me, "You're living the life." It was probably the most surprising thing anyone has ever said to me, and of course, I did a double take "um, what did you just say to me?" for good measure. It's funny and flattering hearing that, but at the same time, I realised how lucky I am to be able to travel, go on adventures and roadtrips. In no way do I think I'm living the life, but I'm discovering that with each passing year, I have a greater resolve to live my life the best I can.

What does best mean exactly? To me, it's just doing the things that makes you happy and feel good about life. I'm learning that being happy also means being open. Doing things that you've never done before, doing things another way, and just carpe diemin' the heck out of life. When I went on this impromptu roadtrip to Cowes, I remember one night we just ordered a pizza and had it on the beach as the sun set and the boats reeled in, and it was just the best. I remember thinking to myself, "ah, life. you can be a bit of an ass sometimes, but today you're doin' mighty fine."


Niken said...

i think that the best thing we can do to appreciate this life we're blessed with. you are one lucky girl

Jane said...

i think that is a great formula for living the life the best that you can!

Court said...

These photos are beautiful! I wish I could be at the beach :)