Life lately

Thursday, September 13

has been absolute hecticness. Sometimes busy is all we are, and we have to remind ourselves to just simply live. We make plans, but never really focus on the now. Life is now. I'm beginning to learn to make time for things, like going for a run everyday, spending more time on breakfast each morning and just the simple things I've ignored for a while now, thinking that I simply "don't have the time". But I do. I just have to make the time. That's all it is.

The holidays are approaching soon, and have to say, though I've looked forward to the holidays every time, but never this much. Looking forward to the warmer weather and venturing new places.

images from my instagram, username mickathryn


his little lady said...

Just stumbled across your blog, and I absolutely love your pictures! So perfect. Gotta love instagram ;)
And I'm having serious camera envy right now.
xo TJ