the best kind of happy

Sunday, February 3

As I got on the train platform after a day's work, my eyes were met with the eyes of a young girl, no more than four years of age. I was instantly drawn to her sweet playful nature, her feet dangling and all, playing with anything in her sight, even if it was just air. I smiled at her as I walked past. I then heard a small voice say "hello". I turned around, and yes indeed, that was aimed at me. Taken by surprise, I said hi back and smiled gently at her again. I took my seat, a bench away. And what did she do? She climbed off her seat and crawled onto my bench, right next to me.

Her mother gave her a look that said, "back to your seat". She looked back at me, and looked back at her mother, looked at me again, only to have shuffled slightly from her seat and sneaked me the cheekiest grin. I smiled to myself and thought, "have we got a rebel here."

She then started tapping on the bench. And somehow I started too (what can I say, there's a little drummer in me somewhere). I stopped for a while, realising that we'd get a bit of attention around us if we continued. But no, she continued tapping the bench and commented, "loud!" as if to encourage me. Then she tapped some more and grinned in glee, "this is music!" Let me just say my heart was smitten at this point. This kid was ace.

And then, out of no where, she looked me right in the eye and said, "be my friend."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You want me to be your friend?" I repeated. And she nodded up and down and gave me the most definite "yes". My heart, right there, just melted. And for the remainder of the three minutes before my train arrived, we were friends. The best of friends. Her beautiful little soul, free of all inhibition, touched my heart ever so gently, so softly. And a little part of me hoped that I, with all my inhibition, made a pretty cool friend too.


Summer said...

Wow! You seriously have an amazing blog. Your photographs are beautiful and I love the way you write. This story is so so sweet and reading it totally made my day :) I would love to feature you on my blog sometime! Just email me at if you'd be interested. Keep up the fabulous work! Most definitely fllowing along ;)


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

What a lovely piece of writing. How sweet!
Duncan In Kuantan