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Tuesday, November 26

The day right after my last exam, we went for a little roadtrip up to the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula, which is just a fancy name for what I like to call beach heavenlyness. We stayed at Sorrento for a couple of nights, and man, this place is just a baaabe (think mila kunis kinda babin'). Most days we'd just get into the car and drive to other towns. It's funny, because friends and colleagues would ask me about the trip, which went down something like this:

them: so, what did you guys do there?
me: oh, we just drove everywhere, sat on the beaches and just relaxed...
them: oh yeah, that's nice! but what did you guys do?
me: *trying to come up with a different variation to what I just said*

And that's precisely why I loved this getaway. We had no agenda at all, no sense of time and just... relaxed. Indulging in the delicate sounds of the waves, the warmth of the sun and the wind softly caressing our skin. It was sorta all kinds of perfect, if you must know... and something I definitely, definitely would recommend to anyone. Going away for a couple of days really does something incredibly profound to your soul.


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

cute dress!

Jane said...

lovely collection of photos! and i also like getaways with no particular agendas (although i like ones with agendas as well - sometimes that planner in me just won't go away!) :)

Ellie said...

Love the photo of you wearing the dress with a cardigan!!

Rikki Rivera said...

my favorite kind of getaways! love your dress too :)